CaptainU NCAA Compliance Statement

CaptainU believes strongly in the mission of the NCAA and we are committed to upholding the operating bylaws that govern college sports.

CaptainU software is carefully reviewed by our team of NCAA legal experts, which includes lawyers from the best collegiate sports law practice in the United States. When further interpretation is needed, we work directly with NCAA Membership Services.

The result is software that has been evaluated by independent legal experts and the NCAA's Membership Services compliance team itself.

User Responsibility. Despite our greatest efforts and commitment to compliance, there are inevitably ways in which CaptainU software can be misused -- as is the case with other software products like email, etc. As outlined in our Terms of Use, Users are entirely responsible for their use of CaptainU software and must therefore familiarize themselves with the NCAA rules governing recruiting.

Compliance Resources - Answers to specific NCAA compliance questions can usually be found through the following resources:

NCAA bylaws for Divisions I, II, and III are available as a download (free) or hard-copy (a small fee) through the NCAA's website.

NCAA Compliance Hotline - If you cannot find an answer to your questions on the NCAA website, you can call the NCAA compliance hotline. Some questions can be answered immediately over the phone, while others require written responses, which typically take 2-3 weeks.

University Compliance Officers - Most NCAA colleges and universities have compliance officers who are available to provide interpretations to college coaches and prospective student-athletes.

Compliance Questions. If you have any compliance-related concerns regarding CaptainU software products, please send an email to